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Thursday, January 6, 2011

35mm LOMO LC-A+ (RM1320 includes postage)

About LOMO LC-A+
To call the original LC-A an “excellent” camera is an understatement – hardcore fans would even run out of superlatives trying to describe it! It’s compact-sized – perfect to take anywhere you go. It’s easy to use, convenient, and produces mind-blowing images. Whether you use slides or negative, the images express deep, punchy colors and vignetting that is the trademark LC-A look.

1. It’s compact. It fits in your pocket and you can hold it in one hand so you can easily shoot from the hip (or from wherever you fancy!)

2. The vignetting. This may well have started off as an unfortunate characteristic of Eastern Bloc manufacturing, but now is an essential part of the Lomo LC-A+ look that adds personality to all your pictures.

3. The lightmeter. This simple device means all your pictures will be correctly exposed. It’s as simple as that. Whether it’s a super bright day in a ski resort or the dead of night the light meter keeps your shutter for exactly the right amount of time.

4. Flexibility. The medium of film is still going strong. There’s a 35mm film for all situations – and they’ll all fit your LC-A+!

5. They’re tough. I’ve dropped my Lomo LC-A+ several times (including one slightly embarrassing incident in my work’s car park involving a client’s car bonnet – car bonnet came off worse!) and it has never missed a beat.

6. The focusing is simple. The zone focus system means that you don’t have to wait for a slow autofocus system to measure, calculate and finally allow the shutter to fire – it all happens instantly.

7. It always takes the picture. Get too close with other compacts, they’ll just say “no”. Sometimes a bit of soft focus is just what you’re after – you make the decisions, not the camera.

8. The MX feature. I was skeptical about this feature at first, but have recently come to enjoy making ‘doubles’. The MX feature gives you the option to do doubles as you go along. Or not. And then maybe do another. As often as you feel like, it’s up to you!

9. It helps to start conversations. People want to know “why are you still using film?”, it’s a real ice-breaker. Oh, and children find it funny that you can’t see the picture on the back of the camera after you’ve taken it!

10. You stand out from the crowd. So everybody else has got ‘Fancy Dan’ digital compacts? Well that’s fine if all you want to do is just record a bland image of exactly what’s in front of the lens – but me, I want to see my memories recorded with a bit of analogue warmth and charm!

PACKAGE INCLUDES (RM1320 includes postage)
1. whole in the pictures (exactly)

Lomo LC-A+

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