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Thursday, January 6, 2011

35mm LOMO POP 9 (RM220 includes postage)

About LOMO POP 91.Retro camera collective Lomo have produced a new snapper with a little sparkle and a quirky output. With little more than flash and an exposure setting, the Pop 9 camera’s surprise is that it takes 9 photos at a time through its multiple lenses. The Lomo site says:

2.A revolutionary golden child, armed with 9 piercing lenses and the ability to completely transform your world. One single shot produces 9 identical images on one print – slicing your subject into a miniature celebration of pattern-repeating Pop Art. Ordinary, everyday subjects become extraordinary and unpredictable photographic rapture. !! Fierce !!

PACKAGE INCLUDES (RM220 includes postage)
1. 35mm LOMO POP 9
2. manual book
3. 1 roll film

we have 2 colors  for 35mm LOMO POP 9


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